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Dynamic modeling of work for a production plant in construction industry (student: Hrvoje Borić, graduate thesis, Faculty of Civil Eng Uni of Zagreb, 2021)

Along with technological advances in IT, the popularity of computer simulations is also increasing. Therefore, it should be no surprise that such simulations are becoming a necessary tool applied in almost all the world’s industries, including construction. The thesis explains computer simulations, how they work, and their role in construction production plants. Furthermore, few published case studies are presented and discussed. Many benefits for followed optimizations are not in question.

Keywords: computer simulation, production plant, Tecnomatix Plant Simulation, work optimization

Special thanks to: Siemens

Comparison of building renovation planning works: classical and 3d technology (student: Valentino Halić, graduate thesis, Faculty of Civil Eng Uni of Zagreb2021)

The thesis is about the reconstruction process of a residential building in Zagreb, on its planning and designing phase, focusing on the time. When creating a renovation project, the engineer must measure the building and make digital drawings, where there are several variants of recording the existing condition. Data collection can be done using a traditional laser rangefinder or a modern 3D method using a laser scanner. Those two ways are entirely different. The thesis analyses the time required to collect the building data and convert the corresponding drawings into digital form.

Keywords: 3d laser, planning, designing

Special thanks to: Kap4 d.o.o.

IT tools for construction production simulation (student: AnaMarija Rodić, graduate thesis, Faculty of Civil Eng Uni of Zagreb, 2016)

The topic of this diploma is dedicated to IT as a beneficial tool for construction production simulation. Firstly, construction production is defined and discussed. The global construction market is large, growing, fragmented, regionally fluctuating, heterogeneous, risky, and highly competitive. For companies to survive and thrive on an international scene full of opportunities and threats, they must constantly increase competitiveness, choose the appropriate way to enter the target market, and manage risks associated with international construction projects, especially in developing countries. Nor that construction production is not well developed in some countries, but also there is not enough knowledge to apply possible IT solutions to optimize production and achieve better results on the market. The most available IT tools are briefly analyzed and discussed.

Keywords: construction production, IT tools

Project planning simulation in BIM environment: Case study (student: Mihael Lovrić, graduate thesis, Faculty of Civil Eng Uni of Zagreb, 2021)

The application of building information modeling (BIM) significantly facilitates the management of all project information and a single system that allows data exchange between all participants. The BIM concept is an information database model that contains enough information for each stakeholder involved in the project. The thesis connects BIM model and project scheduling (Allplan model+MS Project plan in Bimplus) on the real case study project. As this connection was not planned at the project planning phase, the thesis shows the adjustments that could have been skipped if this connection had been planned on time.  The timeline data is as accurate as performed on-site, and actual project data and files provided all input. The thesis shows optimal integration of time planning activities and BIM model, using simple, generally accepted tools at the master plan level. When writing this thesis, the case study project was at the final stage of construction.

Keywords: BIM, planning, monitoring, construction phase

Special thanks to: Kap4 d.o.o.; Baldini Studio d.o.o.

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Analysis of labor productivity in construction (student: Lucija Pugar, graduate thesis, Faculty of Civil Eng Uni of Zagreb, 2019 )

The subject of this thesis is the analysis of work productivity in construction. Work productivity in construction impacts projects' successful realization, and productivity saves money and time needed to finalize a project. It demonstrates the factors affecting work in construction and possible methods for increasing productivity. Knowledge and understanding of those factors enable the optimization of work and more straightforward realization of goals in a construction project. Also, it describes benchmarking and the use of BIM. It ends with presenting a case study research of the possibilities of predicting productivity using self-organizing maps, which employs artificial intelligence.

Keywords: work productivity, work productivity factors, BIM, benchmarking

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